{Decor} DIY Cake Stand (or Decor Stand)

7:00 am

Who doesn't love a good cake stand. Anything that makes cake look even better than it already is, has got to be a winner and I'm loving these super easy, DIY Cake Stands that can be made from unused items in and around the home and garden.

That's not to say that these pretty stands can only be used for cakes, oh no. These also make adorable decor stands for candles, jewellery and other similar decor delights.

What you will need:

To make the larger stand:
Terracotta Pot
Terracotta Pot Plant Base (This needs to be significantly larger than the small pot)
Paint or Spray Paint (I use spray paint throughout this tutorial)
Hot Glue Gun

For the smaller stand:

Plate (Or even a small round baking tin. The plate can be china or plastic)
Glass (This can be a drinking glass, a wine glass, or even a candlestick base!)
And again, some paint. (I strongly recommend spray paint on non porous materials)
Hot Glue Gun

It's super simple!


Now other things you might want to consider is especially if you're going to spray paint, you'll need a wide open space. You may also want a drop cloth and gloves! and you may want to use a sealant. I'll talk about that later...


  • In a well ventilated area, follow the instructions on your paint can and lightly spray a first coat on one side of each of the tops. The bases, you can tend to do the entire item in one go
  • Again, follow the directions on the paint but usually you want to wait around 20 minutes before it is dry enough to handle without leaving marks to flip and do a first coat on the other side/s. With spray paint, numerous light coats will give the best finish and don't worry if it looks quite wet on the terracotta, this will soak into the clay
  • And finally, once both sides are dry, go back and do any final coats or touch ups as needed
  • Set to one side. I would recommend somewhere well ventilated but inside away from bugs. (Bugs always love to land on my freshly painted projects!)
  • To dry fully, it's best to leave the items 24 hours
  • So, the next day now and it's time to glue the bases to their tops
  • Starting with the smaller stand, the base of your plate normally has some kind of mark or branding that easily distinguishes the middle of the plate. Use this as a guide and place glue on the base of the cup (the solid end) and firmly press onto the centre of your plate. Leave this as it is for a few minutes before trying to flip over
  • With the terracotta pot, measure where the centre point is. You'll be able to see this as you're glueing through the hole in the base of the pot
  • In the same way, glue the solid pot end to the terracotta base and leave to dry
  • Once the glue has hardened, flip over, so that the weight of the top is applying its own pressure to the stand to help keep things in place, just to be sure
**Now, if you're going to be using these for food, I would recommend using a sealant coat at this stage OR, make sure you use some kind of doily or paper towel between the food and painted surface***

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