{Diary} My Mothers Day

3:09 pm

Sunday was Mothers Day and only my second one so far. I JUST missed the chance to celebrate my first one in 2012 when my daughter arrived early June. My Husband on the other hand, because of the dates, is up to his third Fathers Day. Unfair.

Can we just take a moment to marvel at this beautiful photo I took on Mothers Day. One of my favourite photos I have taken, ever.

Recently, my daughter has been trying to break a record for how many mornings in a row she can wake up even earlier than the previous day. So Mother's Day began at a bright and early 5.42am.  Her first concern each and every morning is where and what the dog is doing to which he is expected to promptly come to her every beck and call, even if it's at 5.42am in the morning. He heard this stirring and was trying his best to answer her hollers by scratching at the bedroom door. Why is this fact important you ask? Well.....

Some time ago now, my daughter discovered the lock on the inside of our master bedroom and thought is was just the funniest thing ever to lock herself in our bedroom, with my make-up, and white bed linen - you get the idea....
So we changed the lock on the door to the OUTSIDE of the bedroom door. So yes, we could potentially get locked in, but we have a patio door etc etc to get out of. ANYWAY, do you see where this is going?? The dog had pressed the lock hadn't he. Yup.

Now, by this point, I have been locked both in AND out of my bedroom SEVERAL times now and I have become a master lock unpicker using a bobby pin - it CAN actually be done people! Well, it was Mothers Day and it was cold outside the sheets so I made hubby pick the lock. Amateur. I could have done it in a third of the time!

After this fiasco, I awoke to a lovingly made (yet, somewhat cold) pancake brekkie from my hubby.

And a thoughtful gift from both Daddy and Daughter. The cup was a nice change from all our china mugs that are now missing handles after being dropped on the tiles! I will try my utmost best to protect this one! I thought the coaster was a nice touch. Every Mothers motto, right.

Then, I was off to an event that had already been planned but hey, Mothers Day is all about giving Mum a break so a morning to myself I had...

When I got home, we decided to go for a family drive. We love to go for drives to places we haven't been yet - and there's not many places left after 4 years living in one town!! Here are some snaps from our final destination. Don't they just make New Zealand look stunning.

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