{Diary} Re: YouTube Culture

11:12 am

Today's post was going to be a big fan-girl moment. Talk about timing! Just as I am getting ready to share about my exciting interaction with one of my favourite YouTubers, another of my favourites, SprinkleofGlitter posted this video about YouTube Culture. This was then followed by this response video by Karen Kavett.

I totally understand what they are talking about. I get. I do YouTube too. 

If there is anything I understand about YouTube and YouTubers alike,  it's that they are just normal people, like myself, living our lives, paying our bills, feeding our children... and occasionally sitting in front of a camera and then subsequently choosing to share this said footage with a vast majority of people on the inter-web. There is absolutely a YouTube side of me, and a 'home' side of me. I don't wake up looking like what I film as and personally, wouldn't choose to film in a state! Similarly though, I just flat out don't film if I'm not in the right mood or frame of mind to do so because, no one wants to see that. So with that said and I think almost EVERY other YouTuber will agree, what you see on YouTube or think you know about your favourite personalities is absolutely the 'them' they choose to show you. The snippets they choose to share. The persona they choose to appear as.

But still, knowing this and somewhat living this situation myself, I STILL can't help but fan-girl out when my favourite YouTubers respond to my posts! 

Let me tell you, it is SO easy, even knowing what go on goes behind the scenes of making a video, to think 'oh, but it's just me that is actually really boring in real life' 'they have so much more exciting lives than I do'. Sure, a lot of them travel, a lot, but I guarantee its not as glamorous as what it appears to us on screen. Personally, I can't stand living out of a suitcase.

On the other hand, I watch a handful of YouTubers everyday. I find them so much more real and down to earth than people you would watch on a reality show and so much more relatable. It's easy to get excited when someone you watch on a daily basis, communicates with you, YOU, out of ALL their subscribers. Which is what I did, when I got a response to my comment on Nikki Phillippis recent music video. I'm only human, after all!

I bet you thought it was going to be WAAAAAY more exciting than that, ha. Nope! But believe it or not, I have had really excited subscribers contact me so say they were SO happy to receive my reply to their comment. ME! Little old me.

So I commented on Nikki's latest music video cover of 'Once in a Lifetime' that I had walked down the aisle to the original artist, Landon Austins version. This was her response. Stoked!
I actually found Landons music through YouTube (of course) and used ALL Landon songs during our ceremony, registry signing and first walk down the aisle as a married couple.

That is all. Fan-Girl OUT. xx

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