{Diary} Weekend Beach Escape

11:31 am

The dog had been collected, our daughter had been dropped off and I was home alone waiting for my hubby to finish work on the Friday. Alone. In an empty house. A QUIET house. I found myself standing in the kitchen staring blankly at the wall with only the hum of the fridge behind me. The house didn't feel like a home without children around. Fur children or otherwise! as from within 3-4 days of me moving in with my now hubby, we had bought ourselves our puppy. We've never had an empty home! It was quiet. Too quiet.

This past weekend, we left the dog with a friend and our daughter with family to escape to the Beach. We had a wedding to attend on the Saturday night and knowing it would be a late one, headed over on the Friday instead to enjoy a quiet night away by ourselves.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner for two out on the Friday. Mexican, my choice. (I sooo wish I had taken photos but a certain little monkey had been playing with my camera and the lens was putting up a fuss and didn't want to focus)

On the Saturday, Steve was part of the Bridal Party so I had his family beach house to myself to get ready for the wedding that evening. All by my lonesome, what else was I to do? Take photos of course! Oh, and catch up on the Kardashian Marathon on E!

They've recently redone the house with a new paint job, carpet and new retro decor. Above are a few snaps to delight the senses :)

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