{DIY Decor} From Unused Frame to Vintage Art

12:10 am

For the longest time, since moving (or rather, creating) my office upstairs, I've been filming in front of a rather bland (yet oh so lovingly painted) bare wall. I've been wanting to create a nice piece to sit behind me on my 'set' for a while now and have had this idea in the back of my mind for some time. Well, when www.listia.com asked me to do a video about how to spruce up an old picture frame, it was the kick I needed to finally put this idea into play and I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

To create something similar, you will need:
An unused picture frame (I'm starting with a large, out dated frame with fake chrome and wood grain edges, perfect for revamping into something more appropriate to suit my home)
White Artificial Flowers
Spray Paint
Hot Glue Gun

  • To get started, remove the backing board, any cardboard that sits inside and the glass. Pop the backing board to one side as we'll be using this again
  • For now, fold back any prongs that may have been keeping the backing board in place and lay the frame down on a flat surface that you're happy to paint on
  • The first step in making this art work is to paint the frame. I'm making use of what I've got around the house and I'm actually using interior paint I had left over from our walls which covered the shiny surface of the edges really well. Remember that this coat doesn't have to be perfect, we are going for a vintage look after all
  • Pop this aside to dry and get started on your backing board
  • For my colour scheme, I had greys and whites in mind. I painted directly onto the wooden backing board and used a sponge to apply my paint which creates a really nice lace effect. I did one layer in white before letting this dry and did a second in a light grey. It turned out really well and gives it a mottled, vintage feel
  • Right, on to the fun part. The flowers and spray paint. Now, you may be wondering why I'm spray painting white paint onto white flowers but actually, spray paint gives artificial flowers a really stiff texture and once dry, it make the flowers look like they're made of paper. Plus, the stiffness will help them hold up better and longer when displayed on your wall
  • Choose a really well ventilated area to this and always read the instructions on your spray can. Before spraying the flowers, I've simply pulled them way from their artificial stems and rested them down to dry
  • Once everything is looking dry and ready to put together, I chose to make a central, glittery box within the backing frame, just as an extra detail should any of the backing board show through the flowers on the final product. With the amount of flowers I used, you really don't see anything through them so this step is completely optional but a nice touch that might catch the light nicely every now and then
  • If you do do a glitter base, be sure to let this dry completely before glueing your flowers. Hot glue doesn't really like to stick to a slippery, moving surface!
  • To attach the flowers, simply cut any remaining stalk from the base of the underside and use your hot glue to place within the centre of your frame. Drawing my central rectangle really helped to guide where the flowers should sit within the frame
  • Of course, leave the hot glue to set before placing the backing board back into the frame and hanging on the wall

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