{DIY Fashion) DIY Ripped Heart Tee

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Before I get started on the tutorial for this DIY Ripped Heart T-Shirt, credit must be given to the origin of this pattern / idea. WobiSobi is an amazing blog run by Anne who takes everyday clothing pieces and makes them into something even better and more unique.
I first saw this idea on her blog so do be sure to go and check out her page if you're after more easy, DIY Tee ideas.

In all honesty, this is my SECOND attempt at this tee design. The first one didn't make it this far as its actually harder than it looks. The steps are super simple but it's all about how you handle the fabric.... I'll speak more about this below.

(Keep reading to find you what you need to create your own)

You Will Need:
Plain, Simple T-Shirt (Neutral colours work best)
Bold Lining Fabric (That will be seen through the rips in your heart shape)
A Sewing Machine and matching Cotton and Bobbin Thread
Chalk (You need something that will rub off the final product)
Sewing Pins (and lots of them!)
Scissors or Craft Knife (and if using a craft knife, you may want a cutting board also)


  • On a scrap piece of paper or if you're brave enough, you could do this freehand, trace out the shape you're wanting to create. Now of course, if doesn't have to be a heart!
  • Trace out or around this shape onto your t-shirt with your chalk. I would also recommend doing the shape more towards the top of the tee, rather than the direct middle so the shape isn't hidden beneath your curves when worn (you know what I'm talking about...) You need to be able to clearly see this line as you're sewing so make sure its clearly on there
  • Next, using a ruler or a straight edge like the side of your cutting mat, draw lines within your shape a couple of inches apart. If you're a beginner sewer or attempting something like this for the first time, I would recommend larger intervals
  • It's now time to cut the lines you've drawn and you may do this with scissors. I'm pinching the line onto itself to ensure the first cut is straight or, you may use a craft knife in which case you'll need to place your cutting mat inside the top. The most important thing to remember here is to make sure you are only grabbing the top layer of the tee!
  • You're then going to slide your inner fabric between the two layers of your t-shirt and it helps if you then go over with an iron to ensure the tee remains in as much of it's original shape as possible
  • Next, grab a handful of pins and pin each cut back into place. Again, making sure you aren't grabbing any of the back surface of the tee as you go
  • Then, it's onto sewing around the outer edge of your shape in your matching contrasting colour. This is going to be seen on the final t-shirt design so you do want to make it look tidy. As you're sewing, be sure that the back of the t-shirt is well out of the way underneath the machine and that your not pulling on the fabric too much as you go. This kind of material easily stretches and that where your project could go down hill... (Trust me!)
  • The last of the sewing is sewing down each remaining fabric strip onto the backing fabric, staying within the original shape you have already sewn
  • Remove any pins, trim any loose threads and turn your shirt inside out to trim any excess lining fabric away from the shapes stitching
And you're complete! a customised, DIY Ripped Heart (or other shaped) Tee!

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