{Fashion} DIY Ribbon & Pearl Bracelet

7:00 am

This simple little number can be whipped up in no time at all and with minimal effort or supplies. Try your hand at making your very own DIY Ribbon and Pearl Bracelet.
This could be a really good idea for flower girls done in white, ivory or even pink ribbon!

What you will need:
Pearl Beads
Clear Necklace Thread

*The pearl beads will be available in many different sizes and colours. 

I have used 10mm Beads and 10mm Ribbon


  • To start, thread a single layer of plastic thread through the needle. Tying at both the needle and at the end
  • With your ribbon, allow a generous length before you go any further. This is going to be one side of the final ties that will tie into a bow on the final product
  • At the point of the ribbon where you're ready to start creating the bracelet itself, make a couple of stitches up and down though the ribbon. Turn the ribbon over and finish the thread off using the small loop you will have just created and then take your thread back up to the good side of the ribbon
  • Hold your finger over the stitches you have just made and tightly tie a knot in your ribbon around this point. It will help to doubly secure your plastic thread
  • Taking your first bead, thread this onto the plastic
  • Then, take your needle down through the ribbon again at the edge of the bead
  • Measure a fingers width across the ribbon and bring your needle back up at this point
  • Keeping the ribbon flat and taught, thread on another bead and repeat these steps
  • What you will now have is beads sewn onto the ribbon at regular intervals
  • Every couple of beads, pull the thread taught, it will create a ruching in the ribbon to create the effect you see on the final bracelet
  • Keep repeating these steps, sewing your beads onto the flat ribbon a fingers width apart and pulling the thread taught every few beads
  • Keep checking back to your wrist to see how many beads may be needed
  • When you have enough, simply take your needle down and up a couple of times and tie off your thread on the underside
  • Make another knot in the ribbon to hide where you have sewn your plastic thread and you're almost done!
  • Allow another length of ribbon before cutting and being sure to cut the ribbon on a slant to help prevent fraying. You can also burn the edges of your ribbon with a match or lighter. It will burn the edges and stop them from unraveling
And there you have it! A simple and elegant, ribbon and pearl bracelet.

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