{Recipe} Apple Nachos

7:00 am

So whilst everyone seems to be on a health kick these days, I'm trying. I am. But it's still a struggle to force fruit into me. What makes fruit more enjoyable? What makes ANYthing more enjoyable? Chocolate of course! oh, and peanut butter and marshmallows don't go a miss either. Cue Apple Nachos. Because under that chocolately, gooey peanut butter goodness, I have hidden some fruit. Apples and grapes to be exact. Do try it :)

What I used:
3 Large Apples
1 Cup Grapes, Halved
Chocolate Sauce
Peanut Butter
Mini Marshmallows


  • To start, you want to give the fruit you'll be using a really good wash. You just never know who has touched these at the supermarket! I'm also going to be leaving the skins on my apples so its important these are clean and ready to eat
  • Next, I'm cutting my apples into wedge portions so they are all nice and easy snack size shapes, big enough to hold some the sauces on too. I initially washed 5, but I found 3 apples to be plenty to share around
  • I've also used grapes and have cut these in half
  • So once the fruit is prepared, its really as easy as simply arranging it nicely on a plate
  • I also added some marshmallow pieces in but you could also use chocolate drops or dried fruit and nuts if you want to be even healthier (I'm getting there..)
  • I've then melted some peanut butter in the microwave until its a smooth liquid and drizzled this over the apple with a spoon
  • Next was some store bought chocolate sauce but you could even use honey if its something you normally have in your pantry
  • And that's basically it! Apple Nachos to share

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