{Recipe} Chocolate Wontons

7:00 am

So recently my husband has decided he rather likes the combination of sweet and salty when it comes to food. I'm always up for a little chocolate in the evenings so to combine the two, voila - Chocolate Wontons. Oh yes. Enjoy!

What you will need:

Spring Roll or Wonton Sheets
Large block of chocolate (Go on, do it. Your excuse is that the recipe called for LARGE)
One Egg
Oil for frying (I use canola)
You'll also want a cookie cutter or even a drinking glass. Something with a round edge, large enough to trace around and fit your chocolate pieces with plenty of room around the outside edge

  • First things first, you want to get your oil heating up over a medium temperature while you prepare and fill the wontons. You only need a couple of cms of oil, enough for the wonton to comfortably float without touching the base of your pot
  • Next, in a small bowl, beat your egg and set this to one side
  • So onto the pastry sheets and when working with these, it's always a good idea to have a damp cloth over the unused pieces until they're needed. This will stop them from drying out
  • Using your glass or cookie cutter, trace around the outside edge of this with a knife. You'll need two pieces for every one wonton you're making
  • Continue doing this for as many chocolate pieces that your wanting to cover
  • To create the chocolate wontons, place your piece of chocolate in the centre of one piece of pastry. Using a pastry brush or even your finger, rub some egg around the outside piece of this pastry and another. Pick it up off your work surface and press the edges together
  • Do this for the remaining pastry or chocolate pieces
  • Onto the frying and once your oil has reached a nice temperature where when something is dropped into it, is starts bubbling around it, place in your first wonton. I did these one at a time as they literally only take 4 seconds each side so you have to be able to work quick when turning them
  • Use a utensil that allows any excess oil to drain away while still over the pot and place down a paper towel to rest
  • And obviously, do this for the remaining wontons
The cool thing about these is that they don't have to be eaten straight away. Because the oil seeps into the chocolate piece, the chocolate never quite hardens fully again so even a few hours later, your chocolate is still gooey inside! YUM!

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