{Step-by-Step Sewing} DIY Bento Bag (Fabric Lunch Bag)

7:00 am

Today's DIY Bento Bag (which is essentially a fabric lunch bag) was inspired by another blogger, Nicki on her site Nic Nacks. To check out her original post and instructions for this bag, check out her link above or as always, I've noted my written steps down below :)

What you will need:

1 Metre of thick Cotton Linen (I've used two colours to differentiate between the two colours)
A measuring tape
Sewing Chalk
Sewing Pins
Thread and Bobbin

Essentially, what we are starting with is two triangles. You can make these any size you like by using the same proportions as I have here. 

  • Trace out and cut your triangles. The long edge of my triangles is 32 inches (81 cms). Find the middle measurement of this line (in my case, the 16 inch mark, 40.5cms) and measure up to find the point of the triangle this same measurement again. (So I'm finding the 16' mark and measuring up 16'. From the tip, simply join the lines the outer of your longer edges

  • Pin your first triangle to your second piece of fabric and use this as your template to cut the next piece

  • With both triangles cut, sew around all edges as close to the outer edge as possible. We're not going to be hemming these pieces so this will help prevent fraying

  • Now, on a flat surface, arrange the triangles so that the tip of each piece is aligned with the middle of the long edge on the other
  • Pin and sew from point to point

  • Now, you want to go in and sew the two pieces together in every place that they meet, what you'll end up with is a diamond shape with a line through the middle

  • Next, fold in half making sure all sides and  tips of the fabric align
  • Along the bottom edge, measure in 3.25 inches (8cm) and up 3.25 inche
  • Mark this line with your sewing chalk and sew

  • Once sewn, come in with your scissors and trim off the excess fabric
  • The last to sew is the two sides. Currently, we have four ties and we are only needing two so sew along each side of the bag. In my case, orange to orange, pink to pink

  • Turn the right way out and that's it! Fill it with your lunch items, tie the top and you're away, packed lunch and all!

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