{Step-by-Step Sewing} DIY (Hand Sew) Pin Cushion

7:00 am

So I've been starting to start thinking about tidying up my office and craft space. You know how it goes, the thinking process starts with thinking about thinking.... Just me?
Anyhow, the smallest and easiest step I thought I could take in the process of starting this process, was to make a DIY Pin Cushion. Somewhere for the pins currently strewn throughout my bottom sewing draw to live and look pretty. So here it is! If you too are in the same mind space about your sewing or craft space, do give this a try :)

What you will need:
Cotton Fabric (something thin with a little stretch or give)
A Bread Plate (makes the perfect template size wise)
A Pen
Stuffing or filling of your choice
Small piece of felt
And a button

You may also want to use a thin ribbon or waxed thread and if so, you will also need a larger needle to accommodate this.

  • To start, in a corner of your fabric to allow the least wastage, trace around your bread plate and cut
  • Next, with the patterned side of the fabric facing down, pin a small seam all the way around the outer edge of your circle. Being the shape that a circle is, your fabric will need to overlap itself to some places to make this happen. This doesn't need to perfect, no-ones going to see this on the final product
  • So, with the pins still in place, secure your needle and thread at one point on the outer edge and make you way around making regular up and down threads, removing the pins as you go
  • When you get to the end, don't tie your thread off, just leave the needle hanging for now
  • Very, very gently, pull at the needle end of the thread, creating a gather in the centre of your circle. Pull the gather not quite into the middle so that you have room, with the needle still attached at this point, to place in your stuffing or filling
  • Once packed to the brim, pull the gather as tight as it will go and make a few stitches back and forth across the opening and tie off your thread
  • Next, using either this same cotton or your chosen ribbon or thread, come up from the bottom of your pin cushion, up through the centre and make your way around creating long stitches from top to bottom and pull tightly. This creates the flower kind of effect. Also, be sure not to enter and exit from the same needle hole to prevent tearing
  • On your final stitch, thread on your button and secure before tieing off your thread
  • On the bottom, if your gather is nice and tight, you can leave this as is or, you can add a small circle of felt to create a slip free bottom to your cushion. This is simply hand sewn on around the edges
  • So, if you have made it this far to the tutorial, you should be finished! You'll now have a handy dandy DIY Pin Cushion to clear your sewing pins from the bottom of your draw!

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