{Step-by-Step Sewing} DIY Make-Up Bag No. 2

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Many of you have been requesting another Make-Up Bag Sewing Tutorial. Something a little more challenging than the last, more professionally finished and with hidden seams to boot so, here it is! This pattern involves both machine and hand-sewing.

 Now, not all credit can be given to myself, I did not come up with this pattern or the steps involved so, to view the original written instructions, please view them HERE or, follow along with my instructions below as I re-create this bag with my own personal touch.

If you are looking for something a bit more basic, be sure to check out my first, beginner make-up bag tutorial HERE (Video Tutorial) or be sure to check out my Step-by-Step Sewing Playlist HERE for more, easy to follow projects.

Let's get sewing!

What you will need:

3x Pieces of Patterned Cotton Fabric
  • Colour A, 1x Interior - 30cm / 12" (l) x 20cm / 8" (w)
  • Colour B, 1x Exterior - 30cm / 12" (l) x 20cm / 8" (w)
  • Colour C, 2x Binding - 43cm / 17" (l) x 5cm / 2" (w) ***cut on the bias***
  • Colour C, 2x Seam Binders - 8cm / 3" (l) x 7cm / 2.75" (w)
1x piece of Dacron lining - 30cm / 12" (l) x 20cm / 8" (w)
Zip (to either match or contrast with binding colour) - 35cm / 14"
Paper to create pattern on
Bread Plate (makes the perfect 8" diameter template)
Fabric Scissors
Sewing Machine
Sewing Pins
Hand Sewing Needle
Cotton & Bobbin

Creating your Pattern
  • First, we need to create our pattern. On a piece of paper, (A4 size is fine at this point, grab your bread plate or a compass and create a circle, close to the edges with a diameter of 8" (20cm) and cut
  • Next, mark out the central cross of your circle. You can do this by folding the circle in half and in half again, following the folds with your pen
  • Next, on a larger piece of paper, scrapbooking paper is the perfect size, trace around your template as close to the top edge as possible
  • With your template still in place, continue the lines of the cross onto the new circle and rule the lines as before, continuing the vertical line to the bottom of the page
  • Next, place your template cut out onto your scrapbooking paper once again, aligning the top edge of the template with the middle line of your previous circle and the line that continues to the bottom of the page
  • With both circles drawn, draw a straight line to join the edges of the overlapping circles
  • To cut out your pattern, cut along the rounded ends and straight edges of the circles to form your make-up bag pattern
Cutting Your Fabric
  • Pin this pattern onto your interior, exterior and lining fabrics and cut to shape. Remember that if your fabric has a pattern that needs to sit in a certain direction, allow for this in the direction that you pin your pattern onto the fabric
  • Take your interior fabric, and lay this good side down on the table
  • Lay on your lining fabric
  • Take your exterior fabric and lay this good side facing up on the two below fabrics and pin all three together
  • Next, take your binding fabric and cut on the bias, this means to cut on the diagonal. Cut two pieces 17" by 2"
  • What you now want to do is iron these pieces flat
Sewing the Binding
  • Before pinning on the binding, you first want to make a pin marker at the middle point of each straight edge of your oval shape, good side (exterior side) facing up
  • Take one piece of your binding fabric and pin to this central point. Continue pinning around the outer edge of the oval, good side down. The outer edge of the binding should align with the outer edge of your oval and the inner edge of the binding will bunch slightly to conform to this round shape
  • Once you get to the central marker on the other side, you can now trim any excess
  • Do this to the other side also and machine sew around the outer edge, using your machine footer as a seam width guide
  • At the end, you will have what looks slightly like a bowl!
  • Flip your oval over to the interior side, and fold the edge of the binding over to this side
  • Next, fold the raw edge of the binding into the side of your oval shape, fold over and pin in place
  • Find a few moments to yourself and hand sew this binding to your interior fabric, sewing only through the top layer so it cannot be seen from the outside of the bag

Attaching the Zipper
  • Keep the markers pins in place on the sides of your oval and now also find the centre half of your zipper (when closed) and make a pin mark also
  • Now find the centre TOP of your oval on each end and mark these too
  • With the interior side of your oval shape facing up now, pin the centre of the zipper, good side down onto the binding with the other half of the zipper hanging over the edge
  • Starting from the centre, pin your way down to your marker pins on each side
  • When you find another spare moment, grab yourself a cuppa in front of the telly and hand stitch your zip onto the binding behind again, only sewing through one layer of fabric and not through to the outer layer
  • Next, fold your bag in half as if it were the final product, pin the zipper in place how it best sits and matches the other side, start at the centre again and work your way down each side
  • From here, unzip the zipper and hand stitch the remaining side
  • What you should have now is a taco looking shape that sits nice and flat when the zipper is closed
Creating the Corners
  • Undo the zip and turn inside out
  • Pinch the sides in so the one end of the zip is now sitting at the centre mark and your binding aligns on both sides
  • Measure 1.5" / 4cm up from the point and rule across the entire corner. Do this on each side and sew across this line
  • Trim the excess fabric off each side, leaving around 1cm to the edge
Creating Hidden Corner Seams
  • With the rectangles of binding fabric you will have cut in preparing your fabrics, on each short end, iron a 0.5cm seam
  • Next, iron in half lengthways
  • Bring each long edge of the fabric into the centre line and press to set the shape
  • Fold over the exposed edge of the corners and pin to secure
  • Neatly hand sew this edging onto the make-up bag on both the front and underside of the raw edge
  • You'll have no raw edges showing on the inside of your make-up bag
Finishing Touches
  • Turn the make-up the right way out and your seams should sit snugly at the bottom of the bag
  • Now, I really like that my bag opens all the way down each side but, if you are wanting to make the opening slightly smaller or, you're worried about things wandering away when you're bag is open, simply press the binding edges together and neatly hand sew as far up the bag as you wish. This will act as a stopper for your zip
And there you have it, a fully lined and padded, make-up bag with a professional finish and hidden seams to boot. I hope this tutorial has been helpful and I hope you'll stick around to check out my other sewing project videos. 

Happy Sewing x

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