{Diary} A Completely Necessary ASOS Haul

12:37 pm

Take a second to evaluate what you have in your handbag right now. (Hey, you could turn this into your very own 'Whats in my Bag') Apart from perhaps the bag itself, did you invest in the other pieces that you carry with everyday. Open everyday. Misplace and look for in a rush, everyday? I hadn't. Which led me to a little ASOS shop. Purely necessary of course ;)

If you really do get what you pay for then surely, we should be investing more money into the things we carry with us on a more daily basis. We have all heard about how we should spend on things such as beds, everyday shoes and the items that essentially care for us on a daily basis without us even realising but, what about what we carry around in our handbags?

I quite liked the idea of having a having a carry all zip up purse that I can simply dump any cards needed for the day, along with my lip balm and cell into a single pocket, that also fits into my jacket pocket. Until recently, I have been using a bag just of this sort that I had sewn myself for one of my tutorials. You can view the clutch tutorial HERE

I then decided that as I put so much thought into what items I purchased for my wardrobe, I should perhaps put more value on the items that I'm carrying in my handbag. Cue this wallet. I have had my eye on it on ASOS for a while now and quite frankly, it took me some time to find one that I considered to suit my needs that I actually liked. It was on my radar, but too expensive. Then, ASOS unfortunately had their warehouse fire, were down for a few days and to thank customers for their patience, had a 50% off sale as soon as they were back up and running. Bingo. NOW it was a fairer price.... Cue shopping. 
The mirror, was something I added to my order at the last minute. It was either pay around NZ$7 for postage or, spend another NZ$8 and get free shipping. I wanted a second item! and had also assessed that I often needed a mirror in my bag and no longer had one. This is the Cath Kidston 'Stanley' mirror. 

The wallet is gorgeous, I LOVE the pony skin flap BUT..... (and of all the oogling over this bag I did time and time again, I should have read the measurements properly...) it's the size of a clutch! It's a travel wallet (designed for passports etc). It's quite large. If it were about 3/4 of the length and 1/2 the height - perfection.
But you know what, I'm gonna rock the oversized wallet! I love the five separate cash dividers, zipper coin section (actually surprisingly hard to find in a nice wallet) and plenty of room for everyday cards plus, it fits my phone in too. 

There's nothing like a few fancy items turning up by courier to make your day. I think it's the unwrapping of the parcel that makes it seem so much exciting than shopping instore.

What will be your next purchase? For me, I'm off to search for a new key ring now! 

Happy Shopping x

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