{Recipe} Oreo Pops

7:00 am

Why did no one ever tell me about Strawberry Oreos? It's like eating a strawberry milk dunked Oreo all in one! And what makes creamy strawberry and crumbly biscuit even better.... chocolate of course! and sprinkles. Flavoured sprinkles. Which brings to today's recipe - OREO POPS!

What you will need:
Oreos (I've used the strawberry ones - bliss!)
White Chocolate, suitable for melting
Sprinkles or editable decorations
Cake Pop or Popsicle Sticks
Non-Stick Paper

  • Once the chocolate is melted you have to work quick so to start, prepare your oreos by twisting off the tops and separating the tops from the bases. There is something so satisfying about doing this! Keep these handy
  • Next, melt your white chocolate until smooth, creamy and thinned. You can do in the microwave or over a double broiler
  • To make your first Oreo Pop, grab yourself one of your sticks and generous coat the end of this into the melted chocolate. Place it on the base piece of an Oreo and firmly press the top biscuit top
  • Holding you Oreo in a downwards position, towards the chocolate, generously spoon on the white chocolate mixture, allowing the excess to simply drip away. This will give you the lovely smooth, finished look to it
  • Once fully covered around the sides and edges, place your Oreo onto a piece of non-stick baking paper and while the chocolate is still wet, sprinkle over any decorations you chose to use
  • And that's it! Keep repeating for the remaining Oreos and you've got yourself some quick and easy Oreo Pops suitable for any sweet treat or party. These take no time at all to set and will simply peel off the paper, ready to eat. 

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