{Step-by-Step Sewing} DIY Baby Tab Toy Dino

7:00 am

Today's DIY Baby Tab Toy Dino Tutorial and Template actually comes from another wonderful blogger Beloved-Ones

See my video tutorial below below of how I made my Dino using Kristen's fabulous template and then head on over Kristen's Blog for the step-by-step photo directions and images.

*AUTHOR EDIT: Please note the template has been removed from the above link and as I don't own the rights or design, I do not have a copy to pass on. Please contact the owner of the above blog if you wish for the pattern.

The idea behind tab toys is that they are a sensory object. The feel of the soft, squishy toy between their tiny hands, brightly coloured, textured and patterned fabrics to delight the eyes and fun ribbons and shapes to touch and pull at.

What you will need:

Two pieces of patterned cotton
Two coloured ribbon options
Kristens Dino Template (found at the above links)
Sewing Machine (can also be made purely by hand stitching)
Stuffing (Be sure to choose something child friendly. i.e. NOT bean bag stuffing)
Needle and Thread

My Written Directions:
  • First things first, use the links found on my blog post to print off Kristen's Dino Template and cut
  • In a corner of your fabric, pin your Dino down and cut around this to form your first Dino shape
  • Do this with your other fabric also but, remember that you will need the head facing in the opposite direction to ensure they will match up to sew together
  • Cut some lengths of ribbons and have these ready to pin. Remember that they will be folded in half so you need twice as much as the final ribbon that you will see
  • Pin your Dinos together, right sides facing each other. Pin around the bottom and side edges and gently tuck the top down with a pin, just for now, to allow yourself room to pin on your ribbons
  • Pin them on with the folded edge on the inside of the Dino
  • With your sewing machine, or by hand stitching, sew around the outside edge, leaving the small area between the legs open
  • Use this opening to turn your Dino the right way out. Scissors can come in handy here to help push the corners of the tail, legs and head into the right position
  • Next, place in your stuffing
  • Once stuffed, hand stitch the small opening closed and you're complete!

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