{Step-by-Step Sewing} Sewing Kit Basics - My 10 Sewing Essentials

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I've been receiving some beautiful messages from people lately about how I have inspired them to give sewing a go.  So, for my fellow newbie sewers, yes, it's true, I've only really just  got into this whole sewing thing myself very recently, I'm sharing with you all my 10 Sewing Kit Essentials for anyone thinking about giving it a ripe old try. 

Lets jump into the items!
So, semi in order of how I use these items within a project:

1. Measuring Tape
2. White Sewing Chalk / Pencil
3. Ruler
4. Fabric Scissors
5. Iron
6. Sewing Pins
7. Sewing Needles
8. Cotton Thread
9. Quick Un-Pick
10. Sewing Machine

And for a more detailed explanation of why these are important....

Measuring Tape
The old measuring tape is normally my first point of call when it comes to anything fabric related. Why a tape rather than a ruler, well firstly, sometimes you need to follow patterns in inches which measuring tapes are great for having cms on one side and inches on the other. Secondly, measuring tapes are looooong, helpful obviously for measuring large pieces of fabric of lengths at once. Lastly, the flexible tape measure is perfect for taking measurements across awkward shapes for example, one's body. Internet shopping fan? Grab yourself a tape measure. Trust me. It makes all the difference with online shopping if you know your measurements!

Sewing Chalk / Pencil
Whilst taking measurements with the above tape, you're going to need to make marks on your fabric as a guideline of where to cut. Personally, I prefer this large chalk piece compared to a pencil because pencils need sharpening and I've got enough on my plate. Lazy ? perhaps. But this kit is all about easy now, isn't it.

Whilst measuring tapes are great for taking measurements, they aren't all that great to draw against so, follow your chalk lines with a solid ruler. This old 30cm school ruler works just fine for me and I like that its see through.

Fabric Scissors
I'll be honest, I only bought these today(!) and until now, have been getting by just fine with craft scissors but, I know, these are a staple piece that I will have in my kit for a lifetime (the lifetime warranty helped sway my opinion over others) and I just know, after using these in my next project, I'll wonder how I ever survived without such sharp fabric scissors before.
They'll cut fabric like butter I tell you! (We'll see...)

I don't iron. I don't buy clothes that need ironing BUT, when it comes to sewing, my iron gets pulled out of the laundry, a lot. Patterns, like baking are a science and you need to be working with flat, even surfaces, often pressing seams as you go.

Sewing Pins
Whether you're putting a kit together for machine or hand sewing, the sewing pin will become one of your most grabbed for items. I love these pearl topped pins but there are varying sized pin heads available to fit beneath the machine footer more easily.
To see my tutorial for this cute DIY PIN CUSHION - see here!

Sewing Needles
Even if you are not hand sewing, a lot of machine sewn patterns will still call for some form of hand sewing at some points so it's always wise to have a set of varying sized needles to suit different threads you may be using and they're a quick fix for any rips, pulls or buttons that need sewing back onto your clothing.

Cotton Thread
Since receiving this multi pack of cotton threads and matching bobbins back in January, I have had no need to buy any thread. This set has been a-ma-zing with a colour to suit almost any project I have put my hand to.
These threads are also the same brand as my sewing machine which is fantastic as I always find the cheap, craft store cottons to be brittle, they easily break and I end up spending more time re-threading my needle or sewing machine than actually getting any sewing done.
If you can't cheaply get your hands on a great kit like this, I would recommend at least keeping in stock a black, a white and perhaps a navy.

The Quick Un-Pick
Self explanatory, really. A newbie sewers best friend and Murphy's Law, you can almost guarantee that as soon as you buy one of these.... you'll stop needing one!
These come in the accessories kit of most new sewing machines.

The Sewing Machine!
There are A-LOT of fun sewing projects out there that don't require a sewing machine at all. In fact, I only just received this a gift for my birthday back in January of this year and before that, all my sewing tutorials you have may have seen before that time, were all made using various other methods of sewing. In saying that, now I have one, it means I can take my projects up a notch or two and I'm L-O-V-I-N-G it! It's just a simple model. All I really need is forward and back with a few fancy stitches to try when I'm feeling brave.

If you do opt for a sewing machine, there are also plenty of quality second hand models available out there. Be sure to have extra needles on hand and I also recommend perhaps investing in a zipper foot if your machine doesn't come with one.

So those are my 10 Essentials that I find myself constantly reaching for.

If you enjoy the Step-by-Step Sewing Tutorials I put up on my YouTube or here on my blog, remember, you can also keep up to date and easily share the love on Pinterest too!

What are your essentials? Is there anything you constantly reach for during your sewing projects that I haven't listed? Comment below x

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