{Kids / Recipe} How to Peel a Mandarin

7:00 am

I bet you've clicked into this post thinking, I know how to peel a mandarin, why would I need to read a blog about it, right? 

Well, sure, we all know how to peel a mandarin but let's be honest, is peeling this small citrus fruit exciting enough to make our kids want to eat more fruit? Probably not. So, here's a super FUN way to cut your kids next mandarin! Here's the steps:

  • First, on a flat surface, slice one end of the peel off but not so deep that you cut into the fruit
  • Spin it around. Do the same on the other side
  • Next, find a point on the fruit where two mandarin pieces meet or would naturally separate
  • Make a cut at this point from the centre to the outside of the fruit
  • Gently pry your mandarin apart at this central point and remove the white piece from the middle
  • Piece by piece, gently unfold the mandarin, still neatly attached to the skin
Your kids will have fun picking the fruit pieces off the peel and you'll be glad that's there's just one piece of peel to pick up, and not twelve small pieces scattered all over the floor

You're welcome :)

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