{Recipe} Apple Fritters w/ Dipping Sauce

7:00 am

Today's recipe is perfect for those dinner parties where you have a mixture of people who prefer savoury or sweet. This Apple Fritters mixture doesn't contain any sugar so for those who love a savoury bite to eat, can simply eat these plain and warm. For those with a sweet tooth (me!) there is a smooth and sweet dipping sauce to tickle your fancy.

Fritter Ingredients:
1     Cup Flour
1     Tspn Baking Powder
2     Tspn Cinnamon
1/4  Tspn Nutmeg
1/2  Tspn Vanilla
1     Tbsp Melted Butter
1     Egg
1/3  Milk
1-2  Apples, Peeled and Diced
+     Oil for frying

Dipping Sauce:
1    Cup Icing Sugar
2    Tbsp Milk

  • To start, into a small saucepan pour in enough oil to shallow fry your fritters
  • Bring this up to deep drying temperature while you combine your fritter ingredients
  • Into a mixing bowl goes all your dry ingredients so your flour, baking powder and spices
  • Give these a little mix before adding your wet ingredients one by one
  • Give everything a good mix until everything is just combined, before lastly, adding in your apple and stirring these through to combine
  • Once your oil has reached temperature, place one spoonful of mixture, around one tablespoon into fry. This will be your test fritter to check the oil
  • You want to make sure that the oil isn't so hot that the outside crisps too fast leaving the inside raw. This is like a cake batter, so you want to see the batter starting to create little air bubbles all over before flipping onto the opposite side until golden and cooked through
  • Be sure to cut this one in half and have a little taste test before moving onto the rest of the mixture
  • Once your oil is up to par, fry 3-4 fritters at a time until browned and cooked through
  • Let any excess oil drain away from them before placing onto your serving plate and they'll continue to sizzle away on the plate for a few moments too
  • All that's left to do is to fry the remaining mixture and take the oil off the heat once your complete
  • Onto the dipping sauce, you just simply need to combine the icing sugar and milk and whisk until all lumps have disappeared and you have a sweet and smooth dipping sauce for your warm fritters

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