{Step-by-Step Sewing} DIY Oven Glove

7:00 am

So size wise, I literally created my pattern around the size of scrap fabric I was wanting to use up so you can either follow along with me or, take one of your current kitchen mitts and use this as a template.

Fabric Needed:

The final oven glove has an outer fabric along the main body of the glove (the fabric you will see when hanging on your stove handle etc), the inner body piece, that piece that will be touching your hot oven trays and both an interior and exterior piece to your pockets. Take a look at what fabric you might be wanting to use up or purchase for the design you're going for.

You will need:

2x Body Pieces
1x Body Padding
4x Pocket Pieces
2x Pocket Padding
Sewing Usuals (Thread, Bobbin, Scissors, Sewing Pins etc)

Creating the Pattern:

To create the main body of the glove, I drew a rectangle of 58.5cm (23") by 16cm (6.3") and then simply rounded the corners off. Start with just one side and fold your template in half so that the other side perfectly matches.

For my pockets, I used a rectangle of 19cm (7.4") by 16cm (6.3") and used the rounded corners from above to make sure everything held the same curve.

An important thing to remember if you are using patterned fabric like mine, is that you may need to cut your pockets in differing directions on your fabric so they are facing the same way on your final product.


  • Starting with the pockets, take one piece of padding and lay this on your table top
  • On top of this, lay down your inner pocket colour, facing up
  • And lastly, place on your outer pocket colour, facing down
  • Make sure all straight edges align and pin along this straight edge
  • Sew along this edge, backstitching at both start and finish and complete for the other pocket also
  • Once sewn, flip the fabric over so that the inner and outer pocket colours are now sandwiching the padding and iron or press to secure this shape
  • Next, on your table top, lay down your large piece of body padding
  • On top of this, lay your exterior glove piece facing up
  • Next, lay your pockets at either end with the outer piece facing up towards you, making sure all the round edges match the pieces below
  • The last piece left should be your interior glove piece (the piece that will touch the hot oven trays) and lay this down on the pile, facing down
  • Make your way around the entire glove and securely pin all layers together in place
  • Back to the sewing machine now and you want to sew from the edge of one pocket to the the inner edge of the other pocket on the same side, essentially, you're leaving a large gap on one central side in order to flip your oven glove the right way out once all the edging has been sewn
  • Sew around the outer edge with your needle positioned as close to the edge as possible that it is still grabbing all layers of fabric
  • Next, use the gap your created earlier to turn your glove the right way out
  • The large gap on the side now needs stitching so carefully turn in the seam allowance and pin into place before sewing as close to the edge as possible (If you wish to add a small hanging loop to your glove, now is the time and opportunity to do so
  • To make sure the other side looks the same, stitch along the other outer edge also
And there you have it! You're very own DIY Oven Glove, ready to hang and use when next in the kitchen

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