{DIY Decor} Recovering my Dining Room Chairs

7:00 am

Recovering our dining room chairs has been something that, clearly, has been in need of doing for some time now. But with a toddler in the house, it's one of those things that just isn't a priority until they are old enough not to touch, spill, stand on, tip over, wipe their hands on etc, etc.

Each time I headed to the fabric store, I would oogle over this particular fabric thinking, eventually, I'd love to cover our chairs in something like that. Then, one day, like it was meant to be. It went on sale. Like, crazy cheap. I'm talking NZ$12 to re-cover all four chairs. Yep. So what do you do when the fabric gods offer a bargain. You BUY! and then proceed to pry out each and every upholstery staple within those seat covers with a screwdriver. I know, only technical tools around here, people!
I love how they turned out!
The fabric certainly won't last as long as the original fabrics you see in the 'before' photos as its much thinner but, as I mentioned, with a toddler in the house, they are bound to get grubby soon enough and for the next couple of years, I can enjoy the fabric I've wanted for ages.

For the backing piece I simply used some old calico I had in my fabric collection which I cut to shape and pinky sheared around the edges and for the recovering in general, a staple gun did the trick ;)

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