{Organisation} DIY Work Space White Board

7:00 am

For me, a clear space means a clean mind. I'm the kind of person that will have a big tidy up in my working or desk space before I feel like I can sit down and concentrate on the task at hand.

I do also love me a good picture frame re-vamp. So, in an attempt to even further organise my desk and rid myself of my constant ramblings on scrap pieces of paper that mean nothing to me the next day, I thought I'd make myself this DIY Whiteboard and you can too!

What you will need:

A large picture or photo frame WITH a glass front
Paint of your choice
Sandpaper (optional - if you're after the shabby chic effect)
Fabric or Paper of your choice
Tape or Staplers

  • First things first, pry the prongs on the back of the frame away from the backing board in order to easily slip this out. (By the way, I don't recommend you copy me by using scissors to do this so, if if you need to, ask an adult to help you out)
  • Pull the backing board away and place this one side, we'll be using this later
  • Very gently remove the glass fronting and this to one side also. If you're repurposing an old frame and its holding on strong, a little painters tape will help you along in the next step
  • Lay your empty frame on your table top with the good side facing up and paint in the colour of your choice. If you're using a wooden frame like mine, you'll need a good couple of coats. I was going for the Shabby Chic, rustic look so applied a base layer of white and a top coat of mint green
  • With the frame drying, go back to your backing board
  • On your table top, lay out your fabric or paper choice good side facing down, and allow a generous allowance around the outside edge before cutting
  • If using a fabric, you'll want to give it a good iron at this stage
  • Place your backing board in the centre of your feature fabric or paper 
  • Cut the corners away to allow for the edges to fold over with less bulk
  • Pull one edge over the side of the board and staple or tape in place (unless you have a super thick backing board, tape is probably the best way to go)
  • Pull the opposite side taught and do the same for the remaining two sides
  • Tape these down well and be sure to add extra tape onto each corner
  • Back to the frame and with both colours now dry, I took a really fine sand paper and lightly sanded on the areas that would naturally wear focusing mainly on the edges, ridges and corners. (I love this effect and do it with every piece of furniture of paint!)
  • Place your frame good side on the table top and pry open the tabs in order to place the glass and backing board back in
  • Be sure to give the glass a good clean and place in the backing board fabric side facing the glass
  • Secure the back of the frame and there you have it, an easy DIY Whiteboard that you can use with any standard whiteboard marker

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