{Photo Diary} My Little Girls Minnie Mouse Room

7:00 am

Yesterday was an emotional day for us parents. We spent all day preparing this room as a super secret surprise for our daughter. 

Now, she's 2 years old. Quite old to only just be moving into her big girl bed in her big girl room you may think but, she did in fact have her own room, in our old house which we lovingly painted for her, right before we moved out! Our new house you see, has all the spare bedrooms upstairs. The perfect layout for when kids are older. Kids upstairs, parents downstairs but, it was just a little too far away from us when we first moved in and she was younger. Being a super sound solid sleeper at night, she was no hassle to have in our room until now. Until the big surprise! (I think I was more excited than she was.)

She had an existing Minnie doll that was quite the favourite. That back pack you see hanging on her wardrobe door, inside that came the duvet cover, pillow case and throw pillow! Better yet, the price tag said $99.99 and we only paid $19.99. Love surprise bargains.

The dresser is a genuine vintage piece that belonged to her Great Nanna that I've safely kept in my office until I felt she old enough not to damage it (perhaps still not old enough but, time will tell) and until we did her room up. I must also mention that this room also used to be maroon. Not just the walls. No. They painted the ceiling too! It was a dark box of maroon that has greatly brightened since it's grey and white transformation. 

Her first big girl bed is in actual fact, a top bunk! We've been using the separated bunks for our home stay students and I simply placed the top railing back on - perfect for not rolling out of bed!

Argh, it's too cute! and the bunting, handmade by me, quite some time ago now, just waiting for this moment!

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