PMD - First Impression, Demo and Review

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To me, clear skin is confidence. For other people that have suffered from bad skin, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

I have always suffered from acne. The beginning of High School, my skin was the worst. I've tried a lot of different products, treatments and medications over the years and although I have somewhat 'grown out of' the worst of it, because of past experiences I am super picky about what I use on my skin in the fear that a change in products may 'anger' it.

Recently, I was offered the chance to review the PMD, a Personal Microdermabrasion Device. I have had salon Microdermabrasion before, both the crystal and diamond head services so somewhat knew what to expect and knew of the benefits and promises this kind of treatment attributes itself to.

At this point, with my skin now fairly under control, I could see no harm in a little extra help to remove all those dead skin cells from the surface of my skin and help promote new cell repair. The PMD Retails for $180 and with one standard Microdermabrasion treatment costing around NZ$100 and upwards, I can say it's well worth trying if Microdermabrasion is something you are considering.

What you receive in the box:
Instructional Booklet and DVD
PMD Tool
Power Plug and 3 Adaptors

Facial Head 
- 1x WHITE Training Disk
- 2x BLUE Disks (Sensitive Skin)
- 1x GREEN Disk (Medium Strength Abrasion)

Body Head
- 2x BLUE Disks
- 1x GREEN Disk

DAY ONE - Treatment ONE

I watched the instructional DVD several times. 

I recommend trying it somewhere else on your body before applying to your face so you get an idea of just how much suction this tool creates and how quickly you need to the pass the tool over your skin, never hovering in the same spot too long.  I first tried the White Training Disk on my forearm. No redness appeared or lingered.

Below are photos before I began my first treatment on a clean and thoroughly dry face. (Hard to photograph due to all my freckles!) You'll notice enlarged pores across my cheeks, large pock marks around the mouth and small under the skin spots on my chin.

The treatment didn't hurt at all. I made only one pass across my face and two across my chin area and around my nose (No more than two are recommended). The below photos are just after this first treatment. A little redness but this faded within minutes. I was expecting a lot of white dry skin to linger on the surface but didn't experience this at all, perhaps because this was only the training tip and had very light abrasion.

Immediately following, I continued with my usual skincare routine of Toner and Moisturiser which absorbed a lot faster than usual. Redness disappeared by this stage and I continued about my day no issues but, kept it make-up free. Treatments are advised every 6-7 days.

In the following days, I felt my make-up applied better, especially over my nose which I find tends to cake the most and my skincare absorbed much more effectively.

DAY 7 - Treatment 2
It's been seven days now since my first treatment and I've definitely noticed a positive improvement in my skin. Mostly, I believe because of how my skincare is absorbing better. Here's some progress photos before I start today's treatment.
Feeling brave today and I'm moving onto the next tip, the Blue, Sensitive Tip.
Again, I tested this on my forearm and definitely noticed the extra abrasion but it doesn't hurt at all if you work quickly and again, no redness lingered.

I made one pass over the entire face and a second around my nose and across my chin. I was expecting to see more dry skin on the surface following the treatment, but no. Applied my usual toner and moisturiser and so far, quite pleased with the results.

DAY 15 - Treatment 3 
Still loving the extra effectiveness of my skincare after my previous two treatments using the blue, sensitive tip but, not going to lie, I've had a bit of a breakout. This is to be expected though as when the skin is renewing itself, it brings any existing blemishes to the surface. Spots that would have come up anyway. I'm finding the ones that have come up are healing faster than normal and with continued treatments, the only thing left to come up is clear and fresh skin - yeeeehah!

Final Review
I would genuinely recommend this tool if a) you have problem skin and are wanting to look down this route of prevention and b) if you invest a lot in your skincare and are wanting to get the absolute most you can out of it and the money you are investing. You can't really go wrong with a tool that provides months worth of treatments for the cost of just two salon treatments. I'm a fan so far.

*This product was sent to me for review however, all opinions are my own and honest thoughts*

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