{DIY Decor} Foil Letters

1:48 pm


What you will need:


  • Starting with your letters, lay them down on a table top and draw onto them any shapes you wish with a pencil. These patterns are then going to be hot glued so, don't make them too complicated! Nice loose swirls create a nice effect on the finished pieces like knots in a piece of wood
  • Next, use your hot glue gun to trace over your designs. The thicker and higher the glue, the better effect you'll get. I only glued the top of my letters but you could also do the sides if you wished
  • Once the glue is dry, take large portions of tin foil and place this over the glued areas in portions, being sure that the pieces of foil are wide enough to wrap around the underside of the letter which will help it stay in place
  • ***The trick to easily applying your foil, and you'll get the hang of it as you go, is to slightly crumple the foil before applying it and as you apply iy so that the foil has some stretch and folds to allow for the shapes of the glue. Too taught, and your foil will tear***
  • Once in place, use your soft cloth to gently press the foil in and around the sides of the glue until the glue beneath is creating a definite imprint through the foil
  • Keep working your way around the letter, overlapping the foil as you go and folding any excess underneath
  • Once completely covered, take some tape, something that won't tear the foil if you need to reposition it and tape down any folds of foil across the back
  • Now, it's time to paint and you'll need to do several layers
  • I applied layers of black and brown with a sponge to create a rustic, wood like effect
  • When painting is finished and dry, the next step is to seal the letters. This will also help keep the foil layers in place
  • The easiest way to do this is to paint a thick layer of PVA across the front and sides of your letters. This will dry clear and act as a skin, keeping everything in tact
  • Once your glue is dry, you're ready to display, gift or hang your letters

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