{Halloween} Edible Worms Recipe

7:00 am


How cool are these edible worms for a Halloween Treat to make with the kids!? The mixture of jelly and cream separates during chilling to produce a multi toned worm and the folds in the stretchy straws create that realistic worm like effect, don't you think? Here's how we made them

Making the Worms

Into a large mixing bowl, pour in both boxes of jelly and your extra measure of gelatine
  • To this, add your hot water
  • Mix until all crystals have dissolved and set to one side to cool
  • With your jelly cooling, you can prepare your straws by stretching out the top folds on them
  • Place as many as you can into your tall container so that the bottoms of the straws are all touching the bottom of the container and they fit snugly together
  • Place them in stretchy side down and use your rubber band to secure the top
  • Back to your jelly and once cool, slowly add in your cream, mixing as you go
  • Place your straw container into a larger container that will collect any drips when pouring in your mixture
  • Gently pour the creamy jelly mix down the length of the straws
  • Place in the fridge until completely set
Removing the Worms
  • When it comes to removing the worms from the straws, gently pry the bunch of straws out of your tall container
  • You have two options here, you can gently run the straws under warm water to release the jelly worms or, you can individually squeeze the jelly out without first heating them. I chose to squeeze them all out as you don't end up with any of the excess jelly that set between the straws in your bowl and I think it gives it a more authentic look (as authentic as a bowl of worms for consumption is, of course)
  • These can remain in the fridge in their worm like shapes until ready to eat and the extra gelatine we added will help keep them together so they can be easily eaten with fingers

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