{Christmas} ❄ DIY Fabric Advent Calendar

7:00 am

It really excited me to make this for my daughter this year. I hope that for years to come, it's one of those things that the kids look forward to and anticipate me hanging each year. And you might as well make a good job of it too because this thing is going to hang in your home almost an entire month of every year if you think about it!

Fabric Needed:
2x   Red Cotton - 41" x 22"
1x   White Cotton - 31.5" x 19"
1x   White Cotton - 19" x 6"
1x   Dacron Padding - 41" x 22"
24x Dacron Padding - 3" x 2.5"
4x   Christmas Patterned Cotton
       6x of each fabric - 7" x 3.5"
24x Numbers (1-24) (Iron on, fabric, hand-made etc)
1x   Ribbon

Fabric Scissors
Pinking Shears
Cotton (Reds, Greens, Whites - your choice)
Sewing Pins
Sewing Machine
Iron and Ironing Surface

  • To start, with each of the christmas fabric shapes you have, first iron these in half and then cut around the outside edge with your pinking shears
  • We're creating 6 rows of 4 pockets so, arrange them on a flat surface in the order you want the fabrics to appear. These is enough for one of each on each row
  • Next thing to do is gently unfold them and apply your numbers to each piece. The folded edge of the fabric is the top (the pocket edge) and the sheared edge the bottom
Creating my numbers
I simply created my own numbers by cutting 24x felt circles, pinking shearing the edges of these and hand stitching the numbers on using embroidery thread. I applied these to the pockets using iron on adhesive fabric which melts on both sides to create a bond
  • As each number is applied, lay these out evenly on your largest white piece of fabric
  • Next, take your pieces of dacron and fill each pocket with the padding. The padding should sit up against the fold in the fabric leaving enough room around all three edges to sew
  • Pin your pockets onto your white fabric starting with the top and left side rows. This will set the measurements for your other pockets so they are all evenly spaced
  • Take your time to sew these first 9 pockets on straight and from there, work your way through the other numbers in between and place this to one side
  • Then it's onto the other white piece, this is where you imagination comes into play, it's the title piece to your advent calendar and you can decorate this however you wish
I created a quilted background using left over Christmas fabrics from the pockets and then, applied hand cut lettering to spell out Xmas and stitched with decorative stitching. I also applied another piece of dacron padding to pad out the quilted area when I diagonal stitched across it. Again, I've pinky sheared around all the edge to cut down on seams and sewing!
  • With all the pieces now decorated, it's time to arrange them on one half of your red fabric
  • Don't forget to item your pieces throughout this whole process!
  • With the pieces pinned down in place, sew your white pieces onto the red
  • Now is the time to place your ribbon down if you want to be able to hang it in this way
  • Next, place your second red piece on top of your front decorative piece
  • On top of this, place your large dacron padding and pin
  • Sew around three edges, leaving the bottom unseen
  • Also, don't forget to cut the corners off so it folds the right way out more easily
  • Fold it out, iron if needed and fold and pin and bottom seam in place before sewing to complete your Advent Calendar!

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