{Step-by-Step Sewing} How To: Blanket Stitch

7:00 am

Blanket stitch is an easy, decorative stitch that can either be used on the edging of a single piece of fabric or, to join two pieces of fabric or felt together. Once you get the hang of it, it's super simple. Here's how:

Start with a simple needle on one end on your thread and a knot at the other

Come up from the back side of your fabric as close to the bottom edge as possible, towards the good side and pull until your knot sits firmly on the back side

On a diagonal from this up stitch, down stitch at the point at which you want your blanket stitch line to sit

Pull this thread through and stop just short of pulling it through completely. (if you were to pull it taught, it would create a diagonal stitch line)

Your thread is now on the back side. Bring your needle up towards you again through the loop you've created by not pulling the previous stitch taught 

Pull straight down (This pulls on what would have been a diagonal stitch and pulls it in straight)

Continue from Step 3 to create a continuous blanket stitch and ties off on the backside once complete

This felt Christmas Tree Decoration (along with my other designs too) will be live here on my blog Thursday, 4th December! Keep an eye out for the tutorial!

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