{Christmas} ❄ DIY Dog Treats Recipe

7:00 am

We all love to spoil our pets so naturally, we can't forget about our canine friends come Christmas time (Sorry cat owners, it's all about the dogs today).

One super important thing to remember if you are wanting to gift these is that dogs, just like people have food allergies too so remember to include an ingredient tag when gifting them so people know exactly what their dogs are eating and what your home-made bikkies contain. P.S. Any decorative additions such as ribbons etc should also be removed before consumption!

Each of these recipes can be frozen in  an air tight container for several weeks. Simply take one out around 20 minutes before serving :)

Peanut and Banana

1     Cup Flour
1/2  Banana, Mashed
1/3  Cup Peanut Butter
1     Egg
1/4  Cup Milk

  • To start, mash your half banana until good and mushy
  • Place in a large mixing bowl before adding in your flour and peanut butter
  • The peanut butter will be easier to work and stir if you heat it up after measuring it out
  • Add in the egg and milk and mix to combine
  • You're looking for a rollable biscuit consistency so if it's a little dry, add a little more milk or a little too sticky, some extra flour. The consistency always varies depending on how big your banana and egg was etc etc
  • On a floured surface, roll out your mixture, thick enough to hold a shape but not too thick that when it rises, you will lose all sense of what shape it was!
(I didn't have an animal themed cookie cutter so traced around a wooden craft dog and free styled some bone shapes with my knife)
  • Next, place these on a greased or lined tray just as you would any other biscuit and bake at 180c (350f) until golden brown
  • Out of the oven, let them cool off the tray and store or decorate as you wish
Chicken and Oats
1 1/2  Cups Flour
1        Cup Oats
1        Tspn Salt
1        Egg
1        Tspn Chicken (or Beef or Vegetable) Stock Powder
1/2     Cup Hot Water
          Optional: Pre-Cooked Bacon or Sausage Pieces, Cheese etc

  • Simply place all ingredients in a bowl and combine well
  • Roll into small balls and lightly flatten
  • Bake at 180c (350f) until golden brown

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