{Christmas} ❄ DIY Felt Tree Decorations

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This year, I'm loving the idea of taking the time to create home-made items that my kids can enjoy for years to come and look forward to getting out each December. These felt tree decorations are adorable and super quick to make, not to mention great gifts too!

(I'm going to be starting with the Christmas Pudding Decoration but all the designs require essentially the same materials, so you're going to need)


Template (of mine or, your own - printable by clicking on the templates below)
Felt or Acrylic Felt - in the colours required for your design
Paper Scissors - to cut your pattern
Fabric Scissors - to cut your felt
Decorative Additions - such as buttons or beads
Embroidery Thread
Cotton - if applying decorations or buttons
Sewing Pins
Sewing Needle


First step is to cut out your pattern. If you're choosing to use mine, remember that these are hand drawn so you'll need to remember which way up each piece of fabric was cut so that your two sides will meet when placed together
  • Next, pin these pieces on your felt and cut to size. Try and go as close to the edges as possible to get the most out of your fabric
  • With all pieces cut, lay them out make sure all edges match and practice how you want any decorative pieces to appear so you know where your sewing
  • We add these to the top piece first before sewing the two halves together
  • In the case of the Christmas pudding, the white icing is the first piece to be sewn on. You can do this by using a standard stitch or, for a more decorative effect, I've used a blanket stitch on all my decorations
To learn How To: Blanket Stitch, follow this link!
  • Stitch on your icing piece and trim any excess fabric from around the edges
  • Sew on any further embellishment to this top piece using the cotton. This way, all stitching is hidden on the inside of our decoration
  • Place this piece on top of it's matching half and stitch around the outside leaving a small opening to place in stuffing, if you wish (I've simply used some shredded pieces of polar fleece - make use of whatever you have!)
  • Simply finish stitching the outside edge and your complete!
Use these same steps to complete your other designs and you'll have handmade decorations that will last for years or of course, make great xmas gifts.


Double click the below pages to enlarge the image to print. *You may need to allow pop-ups*

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