{Christmas} ❄ DIY Snowflakes

7:00 am

Whether they be for window decals, gifts or decor accessories, I have an easy way to create prefect snowflakes for Christmas this year.

Throughout these tutorials, I'll be using 'Sullivans Peel and Stick Glass Paint' in the White 'Sparkle and Glitter' colour, of course.

To start, you can either freestyle your own designs or print off my Snowflake Template as below. Simply double click on the image to view the full size, available for printing.


Find a hard, moveable surface, something like a small chopping board is perfect and place or tape your template onto this
  • On top of this, place a sheet of wax or baking paper, non-stick side facing up
  • Using the design below as a guide, pipe on your paint ensuring all lines connect
  • The thicker the line, the stronger and more easily removable your snowflake will be
  • Once complete, simply move the board somewhere safe (and child free!) to dry. Overnight is best
(My snowflakes aren't even showing up on camera as beautiful as they turned out. As they dried, the white paint turned clear to reveal the most beautiful, glittery effect beneath)
  • Once fully dry, cut around the snowflakes with some scissors so each is on it's own small square
  • Place this upside down on a table top and apply a damp cloth to the wax paper until you can see the paper absorbing the moisture
  • Then, with your snowflake still paint side down on the table, simply peel the moist paper away. It will come away no problem and beats picking an intricate design like this off piece by piece!
  • Once dry, these designs are strong, yet flexible and be can be used to embellish your dinner setting or Christmas gifts
The other option of course is to actually use this paint on your glass to create your own Christmas window decals. To create window snowflakes:
  • Simply place your template on the outside of your window
  • From the inside, trace the lines with your glass paint and allow to dry
  • They easily peel off once the holiday season is over

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