{Christmas} ❄ DIY Xmas Countdown Cubes

7:00 am

I'm loving all these interactive Christmas themed items that the kids can look forward to each day in December. Who doesn't want to drag the Christmas Spirit on for as long as humanly possible!? I'm becoming a real Christmas person.

Today, I share with you a DIY Christmas Countdown Cube. Unlike my Advent Calendar, there is not a gift each day but purely the joy of changing the numbers in the countdown to the old man in the red suit stuffing himself down our chimney with a bag full of presents.

Let's continue...

Here's what you'll need:

2x Cubes
(I used foam cubes so then required newspaper to paper mache a paintable surface onto them. You can of course buy something ready to paint)
Acrylic or Craft Paint
Christmas themed paper
Numbers 0-9 with double ups of numbers 1 & 2
(These can be handmade cut outs, stickers, scrapbooking embellishments etc)
Box or piece of wood or similar that fits both cubes on top


How I Paper Mached 

As I mentioned, I first needed to paper mache my cubes in order to create a paintable surface. I did this by watering down some PVA until it formed a milky consistency and applying layers of small pieces of newspaper until the entire cube was covered. To finish it off, I applied a thick layer of this mix all over and sat it on top of on an open container to dry. Sitting in on a open container meant I could glue all sides at once and only the very edges were touching the surface while drying.
  • The first step is to paint your cubes. We're going to be covering the centre of each side with our coloured papers so it's the edges of the cubes you want to make sure are neat and painted well
  • While you are waiting for these to dry, you can prepare the base for your cubes to sit on. If you have a piece of wood, you may just want to paint it. If you're using a box like me, you will want to cover it with paper or wrapping. I used a small muesli bar box that I cut to size so the cubes fit exactly on top and covered it in scrapbooking paper
  • For the bottom edge, you can either paint, write or print out a title piece. For mine, I wrote 'Days Until Christmas' and of course the numbered cubes form the first half of the sentence
  • With your cubes now dry, you can cut your Christmas papers to size, ready to apply. My cubes measured 9cm x 9cm so I cut mine 7cm x 7cm to allow 1cm around each edge
  • On a table top, lay out your coloured papers and numbers as you'll apply them on each cube
  • On one cube, you want to have: 0,1,2,3,4,5
  • On the other: 1,2,6,7,8,9
  • The extra '1' and '2' is for the days you will need to have your cubes say '11' and '22' days to go
  • To apply these on the cubes, first apply another layer of watered down PVA
  • Apply your coloured paper and paste again
  • Apply your number in the centre of the cube and paste the top of this also
  • These numbers aren't going anywhere! which will help with storage for the remainder of the year
  • Simply place these on your open containers again and allow to dry before use

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