{Christmas} ❄ Gingerbread Truffles Recipe

7:00 am


In a large mixing bowl beat together your butter, syrup and sugar
  • Add in the vanilla and mix well
  • Next add your dry ingredients, your flour, spices and salt
  • Mix well until all combined
  • If still too dry to form a ball shape when pressed together, add milk a Tbsp at at time until you have a mixture you can roll that will keep it's shape
  • Before we do roll, cover your mixing bowl and chill for 30 mins
  • After chilling, a tspn amount at a time, roll into small balls and place in or on something that fit in your freezer
  • Freeze the balls for just 15 minutes while your prepare the chocolate
  • Melt your chocolate according the instructions on the packet, the easiest way is in the microwave, work in short intervals to avoid over heating it
  • With your chilled balls, roll these in the hot melted chocolate with a spoon and then dip into your coconut or final toppings
Store these in an airtight container and they'll last for around 5 days over the Christmas period. Perfect for a treat with a cuppa tea when guests arrive.

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