{Christmas} ❄ Xmas Tree Cup Cakes

7:00 am

Can we just stop and adore these cup cakes for a second. These will give you that WOW factor moment when you bring these out at your Christmas party yet are sooo much easier to make than they look. I'll show you how!


125g   Softened Butter
1         Tspn Vanilla Essence
1/2      Cup Sugar
2         Eggs
1         Cup Plain Flour
2         Tspn Baking Powder
1/4      Cup Milk
           Patty Cases

Perfect Piping Icing:

          Waffle Cones
4        Cups Icing Sugar
2        Egg Whites
1        Tspn Lemon Juice
          Green food colouring
          Decorative Toppings


To start, pre-heat your oven to 180c (350f)
  • In a mixing bowl, cream together your butter, vanilla and sugar. You'll want either an electric mixer or, you'll have to mix this really well. To cream butter and sugar is to mix it until it turns a much paler, cream colour
  • To this add your eggs one by one and mix well between each addition
  • Next add your dry ingredients, your flour and baking powder and fold this through
  • Once mixed, the last thing to add in the milk mix this in until smooth and creamy
  • Place some patty cases into your muffin tin and fill with your mixture only half way. We want these to rise to a flat top so our cone can more evenly balance
  • Bake until golden brown and the top springs back when lightly touched
  • Once out of the oven, allow to completely cool before preparing your icing and decorating
  • To decorate the cup cakes, place a waffle cone top side down on your cake and press down ever so lightly so that the cone leaves a mark on the cake. Use the line as a guide to cut a very shallow channel with your knife
  • Place your cone back into this channel and it will stay put while you ice it :)
  • Prepare your icing mixing. Add everything into a bowl and beat until the egg whites create a hard, meringue like mixture. Its needs to be super thick so add more icing sugar as necessary. It should almost be too thick to stir but thin enough that you can still pipe it through your bag or piping utensil. This way, it will keep it's shape and not run
  • Pipe your way around the cone using a star rosette shape
  • While the mixture is still wet, add any decorative toppings
  • Once the tree is complete, simply pipe around the outside edge and you're complete!

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