Finding New Year Motivation

7:00 am

The new year always promises a fresh start, a new outlook, a chance for a more positive attitude, healthier lifestyle, a list full of resolutions and the almost certainty that half that list will be pushed to one side by about March!

Me, I thought, to hell with it! I'll live it up, eat as I please and live as I please for the months of November, December because next year, next year will be different!.... Yeah, right. But there are a few things we can all do to offer ourselves slight motivation in the New Year. 

Welcome, my friends, to 2015!

1. Buy a Planner. And use it!
I've never failed on the first part of this plan. I always buy a planner, intending to use it, and I do, for a few months. My intentions of emerging into the new year as an oh so busy social butterfly with places to be, people to meet quickly dissipates within a few weeks. But, I have come to rely heavily on planners for work things. Video posts, blog posts.

A few years ago, I clearly had high intentions. A page per day planner. Last year, I was much more realistic. I went for the weekly view and actually only needed up using the monthly view pages for the said 'work stuff' and surrounding myself with post it notes and scraps of paper for all other necessary notes. This year, I'm taking a walk on the wild side, another page per day diary. Oh, the possibilities. Stay tuned, perhaps.

2. Change your desktop background
As much as I loved the personalised, family photo collage I had created for my desktop some months ago, it's amazing just how refreshing and inspiring it was to change it up. Nothing radical, just one of the mac default, flowery options but oh how it brightened up my work day to sit down to a fresh and colourful backdrop - to answer emails! The joy.
Also, why not try switching it up to suit the decor or colours within your room. Its probably the cheapest (actually, free) thing you can do in the room!

3. Speaking of emails....
Clear out your inbox and not just the inbox, but your message folders too. I'm very much a clear desk, clear mind kind of gal but this task is often the most daunting of them all (due to pure boredom!). While you're at it, change your inbox backdrop if you have the option. I had come to dread the pink flowery backdrop of my inbox homepage.

4. Clear out your desktop...
Just as daunting and off putting as the last challenge, it's amazing how much faster a computer can run when you clear out all it's crap! Do you know how much space HD Video files take up!? Not to mention, sometimes I have had up to 30 individual videos going into the final edited version of what you see on my YouTube videos. That's a whole lot of wasted memory. And while your at it, clean up your cell phone because....

5. Print your photos!
No doubt, a tonne of that used memory on your computer or phone was family snapshots. Remember the days when we used to look at photo albums - that we held in our hands... with turning pages and all!? (Come on, I'm not that old...). It's so refreshing to get them off your hard drive and have them physically printed - onto paper! The shock horror. 

6. Buy something new!
Reading back through this I have come to realise that most of these pointers are techno based. But you know what? If your New years resolution is to exercise more - buy some new, bright and inspiring trainers! Want to cut out coffee but can't stand green tea - buy a new mug - at least the mug will look good! Just like the yearly planner, buy something new, something small that in some small way, will motivate you to at least dabble in your new years resolutions - for a few weeks anyway ;)

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