GARDEN DIARY #1 - Starting from Scratch

7:00 am

We were out in the garden on this day with some gorgeous raised garden beds that were definitely in need of some love and TLC.

The existing vege plants had all gone to seed, we had no way of knowing what areas of the gardens had been used to grow what in previous years and there was only thing for it; To rip everything out, and start from scratch.

We started with the most obtrusive plant, a large Bay Tree. We know from our last property just how big these can get and how many shoots they quickly drop within their reach. So down it came. And this thing was deep rooted, so we took the time to dig it out properly. (Well, one of us did. I like to think of myself as 'quality control'!)

Next, the tallest plot of silver beet. This green is one of the easiest things to grow but problem is, no one wants to eat it!

The leeks had all gone to seed with the most beautiful white flowers but were well past eating. Of course, we had some tiny helping hands in the garden too.

The kale had dried out and stray weeds were removed. 

So with the garden now cleared, which actually didn't take long at all, we turned the soil and then flattened it out with a hoe first, followed by a light rake.

The lucky two plants to survive our culling were the Rosemary and Thyme.
And so we wait, and ponder the vegetables we may now want to grow.

To be continued....

(Filmed and written in NZ Summer, December 2014)

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