{Kids} DIY Piggy Bank

7:00 am

I distinctly remember having a purple one of these as a kid, whether my Mum made it, I painted it or how it came to be is a blur but it's something I have always remembered and wanted to re-create for my daughter. Here's how you go about making one...

What you will need:
1 Balloon
1 Egg Carton
Finished Toilet Roll
Sponge / Paintbrush
Paint / Glitter / Embellishments


To start, you'll want to cover your work surface with a plastic table cloth of extra newspaper coz it's gonna get messy!
  • Next, we blow up our balloon. We are making a pig after all so, bare that in mind in regards to it's shape and roundness
  • With your newspaper, tear or cut medium sized squares and place these in a bowl to one side, within easy reach
  • In a container, mix your PVA with water until it forms a milky consistency 
  • Onto your balloon apply a thin layer of the glue and start placing on your newspaper squares. There's no rhyme or rhythm to this, we're just aiming to have the entire balloon covered at the end of it
  • For every small section that you cover, go over the top of it with another layer of glue to stick all the edges down and create a smooth surface. You may want to use your sponge or brush for this but by the end of it, I just got in there with my hands!
  • Work the paper around the knot end of the balloon. This will become the tail hole later.
  • With the entire balloon covered in paper, do a final layer of glue across the top surface and place atop an open container and allow to fully dry
  • Once dry, cut your egg carton to create 4 feet and a snout and tape these into place
  • Use the curve of a used toilet paper roll to cut out two pointy pig ears
  • Use the existing small pieces of paper you have to paper mache over and around the feet, nose and ears to secure these in place
  • Then, cut larger pieces of paper and continue over the entire pig again. The reason for using a different size or colour of paper is so you can see where you've been and what still needs to be covered
  • Do another coat of glue over the top and leave to fully dry for 1-2 days until you can knock on the newspaper and it sounds solid and secure
  • Take your scissors and make a tiny hole just below the knot of the balloon. We don't want to pop it, but just slowly release the air. As it slowly releases, you will hear the balloon release from the hard newspaper shell
  • Then, it's time to paint and decorate! With a little girly girl in the house, ours ended up very piggy pink with a bucket load of glitter and I used some scrap felt fabric to create eyes, a cheeky toungue and lining on the ears
  • The hole created by the balloon knot can be used to stick a curly pipe cleaner or something similar to create the tail
  • And lastly, once complete, have an adult create the slit at the top for the money to go into
If breaking your piggy open is not something your kids will look upon kindly when the piggy bank is full, try cutting a square out of the bottom when it's time to empty it and taping it back in place to be used again (I like to call it, 'cutting me some pork belly!') Happy pocket money saving!

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