Creamed Cheese Blueberry Breakfast Sandwich

7:00 am


Creamed Cheese Blueberry Breakfast Sandwich may be a mouthful and a half to say but let me assure you, you are going to enjoy wrapping your mouth around this tasty breakfast treat!

This would be a lovely Valentines Day morning treat for anyone special in your life or hey, I just made one for myself and I'm home alone today! No regrets. 

Here's what you'll need:

Fresh Bakery Style Loaf
Butter for both the bread and pan
Creamed Cheese (Spreadable Creamed Cheese will make your life easier)
Small Punnet Blueberries
Icing sugar to dust
Favourite Topping or Sauce (My favourite is Maple Syrup)


  • First, cut your loaf into equally sized slices
  • Placing your two pieces together so their shape matches, lightly butter what will be the outside sides of your sandwich as these are ones that will be pan side whilst frying
  • Next, spoon generous slices of your creamed cheese across one slice of bread
  • Top this will a generous handful of blueberries (see photo below)
  • On what will be the centre of the sandwich, spoon a couple more pieces of creamed cheese on and top with your final piece of bread
  • In a frying pan, over a medium heat, add one knob of butter
  • When this melted across the pan, place in your sandwich and lightly fry on both sides until golden brown and your creamed cheese has visibly melted
  • Remove from the heat and slice on a diagonal for a prettier look when serving
  • Transfer to your serving dish and dust with icing sugar before serving with your favourite toppings and sauces

I highly recommend not leaving out the sauce or extra toppings as I felt it needed the added sweetness to really make it feel as luxurious as a typical cafe pancakes or waffles. Any excuse for maple syrup in this house, really. 

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