Juicy Revelation - Juicing for Beginners

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All through 2014, I quietly laughed to myself how seriously everyone was taking their new found health kicks. Chia seeds, green juice and Paleo diets.... (In fact, I just had to Google what that was). Working from home, it's very likely you will find me whipping up a batch of pancakes for lunch or, opting to heat up some frozen hash browns and fried eggs rather than grabbing a handful of fruit and a hearty, leafy sandwich. 

Fact of the matter is, I don't eat enough fruit and vege. I've known this for sometime now but it wasn't until after having my daughter that my immune system took a kick in the guts and a constant lack of energy and a newly found skill of being able to contract whatever the 'bug of the day' was that week was taking a toll. I was now willing to adapt my ways.

Insert thought "I could get a juicer...." "I could cram my entire daily intake of vitamins into one morning (and quite possibly, green) drink...." "Yes, yes, I think I want a juicer".

Well, lets just cut this story short, shall we. I freaking LOVE juicing now and I'm already feeling better for it. So here's the basics that I've learnt along the way. (I'm using a Breville Juice Fountain, by the way)

A 'healthy' juice consists of:

A majority of leafy greens
For example Spinach, Kale, Broccoli etc

The best way to describe why this is necessary is to think of how many oranges it takes to make one glass of freshly squeezed juice. It takes about 5-6 at least! And you would never sit down and eat that many oranges in one sitting, would you? Because that is a lot of fruit juice which, is (naturally) very sugary.
1-2 Root Vegetables
For example Carrots, Beetroot, Even Kumara! (Sweet Potato) etc
1 Watery Ingredient 
For example Cucumber, Watermelon, Celery etc
1 Garnish
For example Ginger, Lemon, Mint etc
1 Sweet Fruit
For example Apples, Oranges, Pineapple etc
For the sake of preserving my juicer blades, I like to skin the oranges first, cut apples into quarters, remove the ends of the carrots and cut beets into smaller pieces.

One of my favourite recipes at the moment is:

1     Orange
1     Apple
2     Carrots
1/3  Beetroot
1"    Fresh Ginger
1     Handful Baby Spinach
1     Handful Baby Kale

Straight after juicing, I place the juice into the fridge to chill as one of the most important things to do to look after your juicer is clean the blades immediately after juicing.

I then serve the juice over ice and place the leftover pulp in the compost, which we then use on our vegetable garden, which is growing us more vegetables to juice!

It's also important to note that the pulp leftover from your juicer, is actually the fibre, which is important to still maintain in your diet. For people like me however, it's better to have a fruit and vegetable juice in my diet, than nothing at all. So long as I remember to fill that container up with greens and not just sugary sweet fruits. But trust me, an apple or orange will overpower any greenness you juice - you won't even notice!

So that's my new health kick for 2015! What's yours?

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