Kids Craft Box Haul

7:00 am

Crafts keeps kids minds active, hands busy and imaginations running wild. Not to mention, it's the most fun way for them to learn things like coordination and problem solving...

As a couple, we always try to give the kids in our family hands-on gifts for Birthdays and Christmas'. For today's post, I simply sit down 'Haul Style' and show you the things I put together for our Daughters Craft Box this past Christmas. Whether you're reading this for inspiration or ideas on how to create your own, who doesn't love a little glitter and a few coloured pom poms?

 Feathers, Pom Poms, Moving Eyes and Glitter
 Curling Ribbon, Printed Masking Tapes and Rubberbands
 Coloured Matchsticks, Coloured Popsicle Sticks, Beads and Elastic and Pipe Cleaners
Sequins, Stamps, Organza Gift Bags, Foam Stickers, Liquid Glue Pens and Washable Markers. Always, always splash out on the washable markers, and crayons. Trust Me.

Scrapbook, Felt Fabric, Scratchable Drawing Paper, 4000 Stickers, Princess Notebooks

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