{Kids} How to make Jelly Slices

7:00 am

When I needed to think fast about a Red and Green themed plate for a kindy shared lunch I really did think every Mother was going to be sending their kids to kindy with a Jelly dish. In fact, no one else had done these DIY Jelly Slices and they went down and absolute treat!

This is another one of those ridiculously easy dishes that gives an impressive WOW factor effect and they really only need what you can see, Jelly and Oranges.

You'll need:
1  Box Raspberry Jelly (or 'Jello' !!)
1  Box Lime Jelly
4  Oranges
4  Cups Water
    Large Muffin Tray


Make both jellies according to the instructions on the box. One lime, one raspberry. Mix well and allow to cool to one side
  • With the oranges, cut each in half from top (stalk end) to bottom
  • Pry the fruit away from the edges and scoop out the flesh. (This flesh doesn't have to be wasted either, mine came out pretty cleanly and would make great pre-cut orange pieces for a kids snack)
  • Place the oranges in your muffin tin and gently pour in your cooled jelly mixture, right to the tops
  • This recipe made enough to get 2 large oranges from each jelly flavour and each orange will make 8 pieces
  • Then it's into the refrigerator, overnight is best or all day long until well set
  • I was surprised these didn't need any extra gelatine added to make them strong enough to cut but the knife just glided through 
Serve straight out of the fridge. Enjoy x

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