New Year Haul (Albeit rather lately posted!)

7:00 am

They say you should invest in the things you use the most and to me, that's the only excuse I need to buy a new handbag. I mean, I use it everyday. Surely, that means a nice one is a necessity?... It's a valid excuse and I'm rolling with it.

Well this bag really wasn't an investment at all. At around NZ$40, this ASOS Mini Margo is the newest addition to my New Year. I've been loving the shape of the winged totes that all the high end labels have been bringing out recently such as the ever popular Celine's but quite frankly, they're all either too large or too small (oh, and not to mention way out of the price range!). I looked around for quite some time before this came up on ASOS. The second I saw it, I just knew it was just what I'd been searching for. Yep, that bag was for me.

One of the only things I asked for this past Christmas was a new watch. (One that I picked out first, of course.) After the third time of my husband asking what it was I had said I wanted again, I gave up. I bought it for myself. Again, it's a another cheap and cheerful purchase as I wasn't sure how I would like a round watch face coming from a completely different style that I absolutely adored. On a side note, do you know how hard it is to find silver watches? 95% of watches are gold! Throw in the fact that I was on a mission to find a mesh watch strap that I liked, it was quite the mission until I found this Zalora one from TheIconic. Even then, I had to stalk it for several weeks until ONE came back in stock! It was MINE.

There were a couple of skincare products I tried throughout 2014 that I really did quite enjoy and would repurchase but, truth be told, nothing has ever compared to when I was using Proactiv. Really, I ended up trying new things as I had run out of product, wanted something that day and couldn't wait for an order to arrive. With the new year fast approaching, it was time to try and sort my skin for good. A skincare intervention and investment was needed! and the new Proactiv+ range drew me into the Proactiv Club again. Fingered crossed for great results!
Then, onto make-up and I am finally jumping on the band wagon with this next product. When I saw the Collection Cosmetics range in my local supermarket I slowed and looked briefly at it, thinking at the time, how good can it be, really, it's from the supermarket after all. Then, I was seeing rave reviews for it all over YouTube from many respected make-up artists. The time had come when my Rimmel Wake Me Up tube had been scraped bare and it was onto bigger and better concealers! Hoping this one provides the extra coverage that I need (and that it promises). I picked up the lightest colour in FAIR 1.

All fairly old purchases now given that we're now half way through February but I kept telling myself that one day, I would sit down and film a haul including these items. I feel that hauls aren't necessary what people want to see from me, so always 'haul' them to the bottom of my to film list. Would you want to see more of this content from me?

Whew. Cross that one off the to film 'to blog list'!

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