Things I'm Loving - Cold Brew Teas

7:00 am

Personally, I'm not as fond of herbal teas when they're hot as when they're cold. (Except at Music Group. But hey, when you have 40 strange children running around you during 'free play', you take what little pleasures you can find at the morning tea table! Which, by the way, someone behind the scenes makes the most delicious coffee slice. I'm getting off topic...)
I think they smell better than they actually taste but, brewed cold (with ice, you cannot forget the ice) - I'm sold.

If, like me, you don't drink as much water as is good for you, if any at all, then cold brew teas could be just the incentive you need.

When I was pregnant, I made an extra effort to drink more water each day and at the time, I came up with the idea of brewing herbal tea bags in my water jug which I kept in the fridge (I can only drink water cold). I'm not sure if it was the fact that I was drinking 'pink' water or the fact that cold brewed herbal teas make water taste barely unlike water, but either way, it seemed to trick my mind enough that I began to crave 'the pink stuff'.

Red Seal recently brought out a Cold Brew specific line of herbal teas. This post is not sponsored by the way, just something I have genuinely been loving recently.... and I wanted the new tea bags off the TV ad! Consumerism. 

To cold brew: 
Tea Bag, ice, chilled water. Steep 5 minutes.
These Red Seal ones are also caffeine free and zero calories. If that kind of thing matters to you. 

With standard Herbal Teas:

Tea Bag, shallow boiled water. Steep 3 minutes. Remove tea bag, top up with chilled water, add ice. Allow ice to chill warmed water.

If I'm still thirsty (or craving 'the pink stuff') sometimes I'll even add water again over the same tea bag for a second (although much weaker) brew.It has certainly helped in getting at least an extra 2-3 glasses of water into me each day. That's gotta be good for me.

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