{Kids} DIY Dream Catcher

7:00 am

What you will need:
Paper plate
Hole punch OR skewer / chopstick (I opted for the latter, well, a version of!)
Thin Ribbon (Something like gift ribbon)
Scissors / Craft Knife
Coloured Pens / Stickers


  • To start, flip your paper plate over so the eating side, is face down on your counter
  • Grab a bowl, vase or you can even free style a circle onto the base of your paper plate that is slightly smaller than the base itself. Leave a width wide enough that you can confidently make small holes in the plate without the plate tearing
  • Using either scissors or a craft knife (or even, an adult to help you) cut this circle out
  • Then, it's onto marking where we want our holes to be
  • Simply mark the plate in a clock face type pattern
  • You'll also want to make an extra three holes along the bottom edge of the plate and I did these directly below what would be my 7, 6 and 5 not he clock face
  • Then we want to make the holes. I used something small to make the initial hole and then something larger until I had the size I needed to squeeze my ribbon through (I may have used an old drill bit to do this part but I highly suggest that something like a chopstick is much more suitable!)
  • Cut a long length of ribbon and poke this through your plate from bottom to top and tie off on the bottom edge. I also cello taped the lose end to the plate for extra security
  • Then it's a matter of stinging your ribbon across the plate until all holes have ribbon going though them. When doing this, I made sure that ribbon always came up from the bottom of the plate and tried to use diagonal lengths from one side of the plate to the other
  • An optional extra is to add a few beads to the ribbon as your threading it. You can also double back through previous beads to ensure your ribbons or other beads stay in place without sliding up and down the ribbon too much
  • Of course at the other end of the ribbon, you can trim this off and tie and tape in place as before
  • Cut 3 more pieces of ribbon, one slightly longer than the others
  • Tie these to your extra three holes
  • At the other end, add extra beads and tie off your ribbon
  • Then, glue inside the rim of the bead and place in your feathers
  • Lay your dream catcher down flat until your glue has set
  • While it was flat, we added some extra decoration with coloured pens and stickers
I really love how this turned out!

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