{Step-by-Step Sewing} Simple Bandana Baby Bib 3m - 36m

7:00 am

Welcome back for another Sewing Tutorial. These Bandana Style Baby Bibs really are worth the hype. I loved them when my little one was well, more littler! The way the fabric bunches beneath the face helps to catch dribble at the chin, before it trails its way down the neck and makes a run for it down the chest!

Check out my free to view video tutorial below. Just like my last sewing post, should you wish for the written and step-by-step photo tutorial version, this can now be purchased through my Etsy Store. Enjoy x

To print the pattern below, double click to view the full size A4 version and print on A4 paper.  (The entire greyed area below to cover the A4 Paper)

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