Style Board: The Long Bob

7:00 am

Long Bobs are on trend right now, in a big way.

Fashionistas such as Olivia Polermo and Sara Donaldson ( were well ahead of the trend and been rocking this look for years and now it seems, other stars are following suit. Taylor Swift had her dramatic 2014 chop and more recently, Kim Kardashian.

Filming videos on YouTube, I spend a lot of time editing pictures and footage of well, myself! My Video Manager is a timeline of fashion, hair and styling in it's own right! But one things I've noticed recently, is I'm very drawn to shots of myself with my very straight, styled, mid length hair. And I'm thinking of doing it all over again. Here are the shots of mid length, inverted bobs that are drawing me closer to a decision.

As well as being on trend, this mid length look is easy to manage when worn out, yet long enough to tie up and for people like myself, with thin hair, yet lots of it! It's a great way of layering some weight out of it. 

If you're an avid YouTube watcher like myself, you'll also know that YouTubers Essie Button, Ingrid Nilsen and even Zoella have given into shorter hair recently, showing us how to easy and effortlessly rock the textured, 'I woke up like this' scrunchy waves. 

What are your thoughts, will you be braving the scissors? I vote YES.

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