{Kids} DIY Easter Bunny Mask

7:00 am

What you will need:
Paper plate
Scissors / Craft Knife
Popsicle Sticks
Pipe Cleaners
Pom Pom
White Card
Optional - Pink Card / Paper


  • To start on your mask, carefully cut the base out from your paper plate
  • Next, cut a small slit in the outer edge of the plate, big enough for a popsicle stick to snugly sit in 
  • Then, to make a handle to hold the mask up, glue or tape the ends of two popsicle sticks together 
  • Once dry, push the sticks up through the hole you made earlier until the top of the handle is sitting within the centre of the plate and tape this in place on the backside of the plate
  • Then, taking three pipe cleaners, wrap these around the top of the popsicle sticks to form three whiskers on each side, leaving a small gap at the top of the stick. We'll come back and cover where these pipe cleaners cross later
  • Onto the top of the stick where we left a space, glue on your pom pom bunny nose and allow to dry
  • With your white card, cut two bunny shaped ears, long and rounded at the top. An optional extra is to cut a similar but smaller shape in pink and glue this to your white ears before taping to the back of your plate. Place the ears quite close to each other at the top of the plate rather than further apart like you would for a cat or dog mask
  • I also folded the tip of one of the ears down to make my bunny a bit more cheeky. He does hide chocolate eggs around children's gardens, after all!
  • With left over card, you can add some rounded rabbit teeth to cover where the pipe cleaners wrapped the popsicle stick
  • And lastly, to cover where I had taped and glued my handle together, I added a cheeky bow tie to complete my Easter Bunny Mask

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