{Step-by-Step Sewing} Reusable (Un-Paper) Fabric Towels

7:00 am

If you fancy yourself a bit of an eco warrior or, you're looking for ideas to make for the 'women who has it all' then you'll just love this ingenious idea. Reusable (Un-Paper) Fabric Towels. Simply roll one off, unclip the domes, clean up your mess using the micro fibre cloth underside and then it's straight into the wash, ready to use another day. (They also make handy  pot / hot plate mats!)

The outer fabric can be customised to suit your kitchen decor or colour scheme and each cloth is designed to fit a standard empty kitchen roll.

View my free video tutorial or, for the written and step-by-step photo instructions, including how to attach snap domes, see my Etsy Store.

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