{Quilting} Week 1 : Block 1 - The Friendship Star Block

7:00 am

Block a Week - Quilting for Beginners
The Friendship Star Block

Welcome! In this weeks lesson I'll be showing you how to make this block, The Friendship Star, using 'Half Square Triangles' and standard squares.

Half Square Triangles are one of the easiest and most versatile patterns to use in quilting. The combination of two colours within one square mean a varied array of shapes, often star like patterns can be created to achieve a handful of different blocks to incorporate into your quilting.

You'll also learn a simple technique to create two Half Square Triangles in one go, using just two pieces of fabric. This technique makes it faster and easier to create multiple pattern pieces compared to sewing two triangles together for each individual piece needed.

To view this week's video tutorial, click the above link.

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