{Quilting} Week 9 : Block 9 - The Four Diamond Block

7:00 am

A Block a Week - Quilting for Beginners
The Four Diamond Block

Great work if you've made it this far. Just ONE block to go and I bet you thought I was going to make it easy for you - I'm not. Or, I am. Up to you. You have two choices this week to complete your Four Diamond Block;

Option 1 - Use your skills thus far to work you own way around building and sewing this last block, made easier with the measurements for the pattern pieces provided OR,

Option 2 - Look back at Week 4 : Block 4 and follow all the same steps up until arranging your pattern, when you will arrange the colours slightly differently to form the above block. 

Which one will you choose?!

To view the video tutorial, click the link above.
To purchase the step-by-step written instructions with full colour, step-by-step photos for the entire 9 Block Quilt Project, please visit my Etsy Store.

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