{Step-by-Step Sewing} Simple Baby Burp Cloth

7:00 am

Lord knows when a baby is sick, sometimes it's whatever is handy and can be grabbed easily within reach that is used for the task at hand. Same goes with impromptu nappy changes on the floor.

This Simple Baby Burp Cloth is not only practical by way of its shape - so it comfortable nestles into your neckline and fabric - to make sure it securely clings to your clothing but is also handy for any baby related needs at a moments notice. I'm sure you'll find a long list of uses for it.

The shape itself is easy enough to create yourself. Perhaps you have another shape / style that you're wanting to recreate. Check out my VIDEO TUTORIAL above to learn how to piece your Burp Cloth together once a pattern has been chosen or, for a printable, ready to sew pattern for this project, check out my Etsy Listing. The listing includes full written and step-by-step photo instructions.

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